Ages 4 to 5

The Tiny Tigers program focuses on gross motor skills, basic character development, listening / following directions, and basic martial arts techniques. This program prepares the students for their eventual promotion to the Little Dragons program (ages 5 to 7). At this age, the goal is to simply have fun and be excited about being a young martial artist!


Ages 5 to 7

The Little Dragons program focuses on gross and fine motor skills, detailed character development, and building a strong foundation of martial arts skills and concepts, all within a fun and exciting, yet structured and disciplined environment.  This program prepares the students for their eventual promotion to the Gup program (ages 8 and up), which is often enthusiastically referred to as the “big kid class”!


Ages 8 to Adult

The Gup program focuses on the challenging yet extremely exciting and rewarding journey to Black Belt and beyond in Tang Soo Do. During this journey, the students develop strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, and coordination and learn a wealth of martial arts and life skills. This program also provides leadership training to mature and advanced students as well as an opportunity for parents to train with their children and form a unique bond that lasts a lifetime!


Private lessons are a valuable opportunity for our students to receive one on one or small group personal training, especially in the weeks leading up to a belt test or a competition.  These lessons are primarily intended for students who are registered for the Gup / Black Belt program and they are scheduled upon request based on the availability of our instructors.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!